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Massage voor ontspannen spieren
You can also join me for personal training.

Welcome to One Balance

Do you have tense or painful muscles? Are you feeling stressed?

While we are living our busy life we often don't think about what our body has to endure. We forget how hard our body and our muscles have to work to do all our daily activities like working, sports, cycling, walking, groceries shopping and such.

Often we just continue to do with what we are doing and ignore or neglect for example little aches, with the idea 'oh it will go away by itself'. Sometimes it will indeed go away by itself, but sometimes it only gets worse, causing the body to overload or get injured and cause a lot of physical pain.

Therefore listening well to your own body is very important. Accept signs of your body like tense muscles, pain, headache or fatigue. A massage may have a very positive effect in these cases. It can reduce the complaints you are experiencing and prevent it from getting worse.

Besides, spoiling your muscles preventively from time to time is certainly not an unnecessary luxury, for all the hard work they have to do daily. As a Dutch expression says: 'Prevention is always better than having to cure something'. Finally you only have one body and it has to last your whole life, so you better take as good care as possible for it right?

I'll be happy to help you feel fit again, to get back in balance, or to stay in balance! Check underneath the button 'Treatments' to see which treatments I offer.


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