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You can also contact me for massage.

Welcome to One Balance

Would you like to lose weight and/or become fitter? Do you want to get stronger or build up more (explosive) power for your athletic performance? Do you (or did you) have certain pain symptoms and is it necessary to strengthen your muscles again? Do you not know how to train to achieve your goal? Do you also want to train in a more focused and effective way than you do now and get the most out of yourself?

My name is Karlien, I'm a personal trainer at Active Health Center Leidschenveen.
Sports have always been an important factor in my life. I cannot imagine a life without sport. I can put my positive, as well as my negative energy into it.
Besides doing strength training for myself, I also like to do kickboxing. And I'm always up for a game of soccer.

I would like to convey my knowledge and enthusiasm to you and motivate you. By offering fun and challenging training sessions I make sure you are training with enjoyment. Together we will get the maximum out of your training. You can train either individually, as a duo or as a small group. The training will be at AHC Leidschenveen. Days and times in consultation.

In the training sessions that I offer, I concentrate on creating a strong body with - among other things - a good strong core. A strong body is more taxable so you will suffer less rapidly from pain complaints. Maintaining a healthy body or even achieving better mobility are also points which I find very important and in my opinion belong in a training. They improve the quality of exercise but also movement in general. Besides working as a personal trainer, I also work as a sports massage- and triggerpoint therapist. See One balance massage.
This gives me the opportunity to look beyond just giving a good goal-oriented training.

My motto: “Today's challenge is tomorrow's strength”.