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Nutrition is one of the important pieces of the puzzle that determines your health. Either good health or poor health. In addition, nutrition is also one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when you want to lose- or gain weight.

However, these two can be separate from one another. You can have a healthy eating pattern but still not lose or gain weight. And you can lose or gain weight while having an unhealthy eating pattern.

Okay, so an eating pattern. But what is a healthy eating pattern and what is an unhealthy eating pattern then?

I am consciously speaking about an eating PATTERN and not about an individual food product. This is because, based on one food product, you cannot determine whether someone is eating healthy or not. You have to look at the whole eating pattern for that.

In my opinion, a healthy eating pattern is a way of eating where you provide your body with the necessary daily vitamins, minerals and trace elements (micronutrients) to function properly and above all to stay healthy.
You do this with food products in which these micronutrients are naturally present.
In general, these are mostly unprocessed products. These products NOURISH your body and provide your body with something useful.
All other food products that naturally contain no or little usable micronutrients for your body (generally mostly processed products) only FILL your body with calories.
Is this bad? No this is not bad. As long as you take in at least your minimum daily portion of micronutrients, you can add in some other 'empty' calories if you feel like you really need to.
The amount of intake of empty calories of course determines whether it is healthy for you or not. But this also applies equally to products that do contain micronutrients.

Do you need help with adjusting your current eating pattern to a healthier way of eating, or do you want to lose- or gain weight? Then please contact me, and together we will look into how I can help you with this.