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Personal training

- Slimming
- Overall fitness
- Muscle strength
- Core stability
& core strength
- Improve mobility
- Explosive power
- Sport specific
- agility

Why personal training?

The great thing about personal training is that it is suitable for everyone, because the training program is personally tuned.

Often you start very enthusiastically with training, but quickly lose your motivation. This loss of motivation can have several reasons.
Often a reason is that you do not see fast enough results.
Achieving a certain goal often takes time, yes unfortunately, often more time than 2 months.
You can, however, speed up the time needed to reach your goal by training as efficiently and effectively as possible.
For many people, this is difficult because of the lack of knowledge in the field of sports and nutrition.
As a personal trainer I help you with this, which means we can achieve faster results than when you train independently.
I motivate you to get the most out of yourself, because oftentimes you can do a lot more than you think!
In addition, I keep track of your progress so you can see which steps forward you make. This also gives extra motivation to continue!

Another reason for losing motivation may be that you do not like your workouts.
This can be for example because you do not like the exercises or because you do not feel enough challenge in your workouts and you actually just get bored.
As a personal trainer I have followed various training courses so that I can put together a varied, fun and challenging training for you. This will make your training more fun, which I find very important as well. It is important to enjoy the road to your goal, that makes the road a lot easier!

So briefly summed up:

- suitable for everyone because the training program is personalized.
- exercising in a responsible, efficient and effective manner.
- getting more out of yourself and out of your training, so faster results.
- personal workout- and nutrition advice.
- someone who stands next to you and helps and motivates you to keep going.


The first session of a personal training package consists of an intake.
During this intake we will extensively discuss what your goal is that you want to work towards.
Also during this intake a number of tests and measurements will take place, to outline an initial situation of your fitness at that moment.
This intake is both in my and in your interest. It gives you the opportunity to indicate what you find important with regard to the training and gives me a good insight so that I can tailor the training as completely as possible to you personally.


Personal training session

The duration of a personal training session is 1 hour.
In this hour a 1 on 1 (in case of duo or small group training, 1 on 2 or 1 on 3) training is given, personally tailored to your goal and your abilities. This means that the training will be tailored to your level, which will challenge you to make progress and achieve your goal.

Also during this hour, time can be made available to discuss any issues that you run into or that you have questions about, such as your food schedule.

The training session

The training will consist of a warm-up, main workout and a short cooling-down.

The warming up will not, like normally, consist of a standard 10 minutes warm-up on the treadmill, but it will also be tailored to you personally. This will consist of increasing body temperature, self myofascial release, muscle activation exercises and activation exercises for the central nervous system.
A good warm-up is important to activate the body in preparation for the training that is to come. That is how heart rate and body temperature increase, flexibility and mobility improve, which of course has a positive effect on the training.
In addition, a good warm-up makes sure the chances of an injury are much smaller.

The core of the workout is of course very personally composed for you as well and may for example consist of a resistance training part and a cardio part. Machines, free weights or own body weight can be used as resistance. This depends on for example goal, physical condition, personal preference etc etc.

A short cooling down will be done to normalize the heart rate and to bring the blood circulation back to a rest.