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You can also join me for personal training.


In my practice I sell massage balls as a tool for your home-massage.
The price for the hard massage balls is € 3.25 and the price for the softer massage balls is € 3,-.

In addition, because of the growing requests in my practice, I now have several different massage tools for rent, so you can try them out or for when you don't want to buy them during your treatment period.

The massage tools I have for rental are:
- Theracane (€ 3,50 per week for rent + one-time deposit of € 62,-)
- Knobbel (€ 1,- per week for rent + one-time deposit of € 19,-)
- Vierpoot (€ 1,- per week for rent + one-time deposit of € 19,-)
- The Grid Foam Roller (€ 3,50 per week for rent + one-time deposit of € 45,-)
- The Grid STK Orange (hand foamroller) (€ 3,- per week for rent + one-time deposit € 35,-)

The amount of the deposit is based on the amount I have to pay for the purchase of the product when I do not receive it back on lending. On return of the rented tool you will ofcourse get this deposit back.
In addition, I ask for a rent because I only have one of each product. As soon as I lend it to you, I can not lend it to anyone else, nor use it in my practice.

If you would rather like to buy one or more of these products online, you can click on the banner below and you will be re-directed to the webshop where you will not only find massage balls but also other massage tools, like for example a theracane, knob, jacknobber, tigertail and the guide for Triggerpoint-therapie.


I am affiliated to NGS.