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Prior to your first treatment there will be a short intake.
During this intake, I will obtain a better picture of you and your health through some questions and, if necessary, some function tests.
I think it's very important to not only look at the complaint but also at what could be the cause of this complaint.
By treating the complaint only, the potential problem will probably not be solved.
This intake is both in my interest and in your interest. It gives you the opportunity to indicate what you consider relevant to the treatment and gives me a good insight so that I can meet your wishes as fully as possible.

I offer the following treatments:

Sports massage      Triggerpoint massage     

Relax massage      Taping/bandaging

Sports massage

Although the name may suggest otherwise, sports massage is not only suitable for athletes.
Sports massage is just as suitable for non-athletes!
A sports massage is actually a firm relaxation massage. Also, there will be more focus on specific muscular groups.

Sports massage is therefore a solid massage form on the muscle tissue for the purpose of relaxation or activation.

So a massage with the purpose off relaxation, is used to relax the muscles.
A reason for wanting to relax the muscles may be after an effort / training / game to promote recovery.


Another reason may be because, for example, you have high muscle tension due to stress or physical heavy (over)load on the muscles.
Getting a massage regularly can also prevent the arise of injuries.

An activating sports massage will be applied prior to an effort. This can be a good addition to a warm-up for a training or match. Also, it helps you to focus mentally.

Which body parts will be massaged depends on the possible complaint and the desired duration of the massage.
This will be decided after your intake and in consultation with you.

Duration massage: 30min or 60min


Triggerpoint massage


Triggerpoints are the most common cause of pain in the human body.
A trigger point can be seen as a small "knot" in the muscle, and can provide a wide range of complaints. The muscle is tensioned by the trigger point and causes pain when pressed.

Have you tried many types of therapy to get rid of your (chronic) complaints, but did none of them lead to (completely) taking away the complaint?
Often only the area of where the pain is located is being treated. However, it doesn't always have to be the case that the cause of the pain is also in this place.
Triggerpoints show that a pain pattern can come from another place, in other words it concerns 'referred pain'.

Complaints of which triggerpoints can be the cause, are very comprehensive and diverse. Complaints such as a stiff neck and/or painful muscles, pain in the lower back, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, pain in jaw or throat, tension headache, lost of power.
But also complaints which occur after for example a whiplash, a fall, an injury or a wrong posture.
Also, conditions that are considered as arthritis, tendinitis and bursitis may find their cause in trigger points.
Triggerpoints also cause other symptoms such as dizziness, equilibrium disturbances, ear pain, sinusitis, tinnitus, nausea, heartburn and numbness or tingling in hands and feet. Even fibromyalgia can originate in trigger points.

You can join me for triggerpoint massage according to Clair Davies's method.
With this massage no massagelotion will be used.
The massage is performed by short deep 1 to 2cm "strokes", directly on the triggerpoint.
The purpose of the trigger point massage is to deactivate the trigger point, which can cause the muscle to rest and reduce the complaint.
Clair Davies' method is a massage method, which will also actively involve you as a client.
For example; after the treatment you will get instructions for self-treatment to do at home, so that you can continue this in between the treatments you have with me. This promotes and accelerates the needed treatmentperiod, as this massage therapy is most effective when the trigger points are being treated often, but briefly.

The amount of treatments depends on how long a trigger point already exists.
Triggerpoints that have been present for a long time often require a somewhat longer treatment period before they disappear than trigger points that have recently emerged.

If you want a more detailed explanation of what trigger points are, check out this video:
Video triggerpoint explanation animation

Which body parts will be massaged depends on the complaint and the desired duration of the massage. This will be decided after your intake and in consultation with you.

Duration massage: 30min or 60min


Relax massage

The purpose of a relax massage is mainly to completely relax body and mind.
During a relax massage, massage techniques are a bit softer and slower than sports massage. There will be given less intense

pressure on the muscles and underlying tissue.
Furthermore, it has the same impact on our body as the sports massage.
Relaxation massage as well stimulates the blood flow of the tissues, carries out the waste and improves the function and metabolism of the muscles.
This makes you feel fit after your massage and your muscles are more supple.

This massage is especially

recommended for fatigue, insomnia, stress and pain.

Which body parts will be massaged depends on the possible complaint and the desired duration of the massage. This will be decided after your intake and in consultation with you.

Duration massage: 30min or 60min



You can also come to me for laying on supporting tape and / or bandage.

This will take about 10-15min


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