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Je kunt bij mij ook terecht voor personal training.

Triggerpoint Reset Methode

"Every movement hurts, from lifting a water bottle
to doing the household.
My social life suffers; a night out dancing is so painful that I do not enjoy it.
I quit my job because I could not do my work anymore.
I prefer to sleep the whole day
because then I do not feel the pain.
The doctor says that I should learn to live with it
and the physical therapist does not take my amount of pain seriously
No treatment gives progress."

This was my reality, 8 years ago. This experience has made me retrain myself to, among other things, triggerpoint practitioner and masseusse. I myself was my first client and now free of pain complaints for 5 years. Now I want to help you, because you too can get rid of your pain!

Karlien Derckx - owner One Balance
www.onebalance.nl & www.denhaagtriggerpoint.nl

Pain into power

Do you also want to get completely rid of your pain complaints just like me?
Are you suffering too long already and are you not progressing with other treatment methods?

How do I help you?
By means of a tailor-made high-quality 6-8 week treatment / coaching program in which physical treatment techniques for eliminating pain symptoms are combined with life-coaching.

During this program, besides eliminating muscle tension, triggerpoints and other painsymptoms, we will especially address the REAL CAUSE. NO MORE just controlling symptoms!

This treatment method, called the Triggerpoint Reset Method, is a totally new and unique method developed by neuromuscular pain specialist Tim van Orsouw and is in no way comparable to any other treatment method.

The goal of this intensive treatment program is to make people with chronic pain complaints 80-100% free of pain.
Because of this goal, only people who want to work very hard together with me and who really want to put their health on #1, qualify for a treatment program with me.
I show 100% commitment to you and expect the same back from you, only then we can achieve 80-100% pain-free results.
Therefore, an extensive telephone conversation will take place first.

Karlien behandelaar

Karlien Derckx

Do you want?
- The best for yourself, because you're just worth it.
- A program tailored to you in which you'll get all the attention you need to become pain free.
- no single short consultations such as with the physiotherapist, but the full attention during a for instance one-to-one VIP treatment day from 10h00 - 17h00.
- The newest and most unique treatment method as you have never experienced before.
- 100% commitment from me as a practitioner.
- TAKING the CAUSE of your pain and not only relieving the pain through symptom relief.
- A holistic total approach (including mindbody & nutrition)
- A positive effect on multiple aspects of your life.
- LIVE again instead of BEING LIVED. (due to your circumstances such as your back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain)
- A treatment without dry-needling, painkillers, injections or other painful methods.
- And most importantly: PERMANENT RESULT, in other words; permanently pain-free !

Watch this video from someone who went before you:

advies over triggerpoint behandeling

Can you recognize your personality in one or more of the following points:
- perfectionistic
- do-gooder (you want to be good / do good for other people)
- you want to be liked
- a searcher for new challenges
- people pleaser (doing everything to make someone happy)
- control freak

Are you:
- ready for change.
- willing to put your health on number 1.
- willing to show 100% commitment during the treatment program.
- willing to invest in yourself, your health and your pain-free future.
- openminded.
- done with your pain and you finally REALLY want to get rid of it.
- someone who does not use much alcohol, cigarettes, medication.
- reasonable to good in the English language

Have you answered "yes" to all the above questions?
Then it's time to make a request for a (currently FREE) non-committal telephone Trigger Your Mind advice / intake session of 45-60min with me.
During this personal 1-on-1 conversation we will together look into whether you are suitable for the program and if so then we can immediately start the process to make you pain free!
Send me an email now by clicking on the pink button below:

Yes, reset me!

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