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One Balance Discover

One Balance Discover

I turned my own sufferings into my strengths.

Now my mission is to show you how to do the same.

My story For you

From 2010 onwards I have had various health challenges.

This all started in 2010 when I was still working as a travel consultant and unexpectedly started suffering from severe chronic back-, neck-, and shoulder pain.

I was sent from pillar to post and have seen all corners of treatment land, both regular and alternative. The end result was that nobody knew anymore how to help me and I was told that I had to learn to live with it that it was never going to get better.

I did not accept that and decided to solve it myself.
I investigated and recovered myself 100% and have never had any chronic back-, neck- or shoulder pain since then.

I found it remarkable and ridiculous that no practitioner could have helped me, while I who was a travel consultant at that time, could help myself get rid of my complaints.


So in 2013 when I finally was pain free myself, I wanted to go back to work even though I was declared incapacitated before. In one year I did 3 accelerated studies to retrain myself and to go back to work as soon as possible.
I collected money for a massage table, dragged it with me in the tram to my home and transformed one of my rooms into a practice space. I taught myself to create a website and flyers and soon had my first client. One Balance had started.

My goal?

To help people get rid of pain that they are needlessly suffering from!

The years where I exclusively worked with triggerpoint and sports massage showed great results. However in the meantime I am many years, courses and workshops, many insights and much knowledge further.
And that has made me expand my vision. ‘One Balance’ as in physically, mentally and emotionally to keep the results for my clients permanent.

Nutrition coach MindBody coach

During those years of working and studying more I developed other new health issues such as very heavy adrenal fatigue, stomach pains, heavy pains through my entire torso, digestion difficulties, difficulties breathing deeply and other vague symptoms that got so painful that at some point I thought I was going to die.

This all led me down a path of more studying. Studying on nutrition and detoxification and on the MindBody connection in health issues. It became very clear to me that the mind, emotions and spiritual connection are CRUCIAL in healing.

Just like with my chronic back-, neck-, and shoulder pain there was not any specialist who knew how to help me other than temporarily symptom treatment, so again I healed myself.

My passion and drive to help others only became bigger because all of this.

Over the years of going through my own growth, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and having worked with various coaches and mentors who expanded me greatly, I need to take into account where I myself currently stand with my perspective on health and healing.

I have let go of physical treatments and focus only on the mental, emotional and spiritual part.

Not that physical treatments can’t be great, but just because they are not the source of your health. Just do physical treatments because you enjoy it, not because you think it will heal you.

YOU are the source of your health. Nothing external of you is.

Having said that, my current perspective and way of helping people with chronic pain will serve best to people who are open-minded, spiritual and who are already aware that they create their own reality and take full ownership of their live.

If that sounds like you and you  are looking for someone to lead you into your next expansion point by pointing out where you are limiting yourself and by bringing your blind spots into your awareness then I am here to guide you.

About Karlien

About Karlien

Mindbody health coach - Expansion coach


Mindbody health coach – Expansion coach

I find the human experience interesting and continue to expand my awareness on it.

Health, freedom and love are very important to me, which therefor I live by as much as possible.

Want to discover more about my story and vision?