Pain into power Because your health comes first!

Pain into power Because your health comes first!

“Every movement hurts, from lifting a bottle of soda
to doing the household.
My social life suffers; an evening of dancing hurts so much that I don’t enjoy it.
I quit my job because working was no longer possible.
I prefer to sleep all day
because then I don’t feel the pain.
The doctor says that I just have to learn to live with it
and the physio does not take my amount of pain seriously.
No treatment gives progress. “

This was my reality from 2010 to 2013. This experience has made me retrain myself to be a triggerpoint practitioner,MindBody-coach and masseuse. I was my own first customer and meanwhile I’ve been pain free since 2013. Now I want to help you, because you can live without pain as well!

Your Triggerpoint Reset Method Specialist. 

Owner and practitioner at One Balance. 

10 week program
10 week program
One coaching session

Painfree Reset Program

Chronic back-, neck- and/or shoulderpain? Herniated disk, RSI, Fibromyalgia or other chronic pain complaints?

When you’ve been walking around with chronic pain for too long and nothing helps, then it’s time for a totally different approach. 


I look out-of-the-box at your pain symptoms, there where other  practitioners don’t look. The results speak for themselves!

Healthier eating,
healthier body.

In development.
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60-min coaching

In one coaching session more clarity and space for new perspectives and possibilities, so that you can move forward again.

Whether you need help to cure chronic pain, adopt a healthier diet, improve your health, like to change your overall lifestyle or create your dream life, together we will create a breakthrough during this session so that you are another step forward.


My mission is to show you the power of yourself and your own body, so that you can take back the control over your life and can start living again instead of being lived by limitations.
A fit, energetic and healthy happy life, as is meant for you! ♥
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