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Currently no date available for this group program. Check out my 1:1 coaching instead.

Currently no date available for this group program. Check out my 1:1 coaching instead.

Be you, fully.

Express yourself program startdate

Say what you really think.

Show how you really feel.

Express your true own wants and needs.

Release repressed unconscious emotions.

Let the energy flow again in your body.

The best gift that you can give yourself AND the other person is to be yourself fully and to express your truth.

Emotion Mindset Coach

Only when you are expressing yourself fully, you are in your full power. 

Only then you are you.

Repressing your own thoughts, emotions, wants and needs with the intention of avoiding conflict or being liked, is keeping both you and the other person out of your true power, disconnected from your true self.

But just imagine the following…

Imagine feeling safe with expressing your true self even if this causes conflict.

Imagine feeling safe with expressing your true self even if you won’t be liked when you are being your true self.

Feeling safe in these situations gives you power and it makes you INDEPENDENT!

Expressing the truth from within you, strengthens you AND the other.

They can NEVER be in their full power when being DEPENDENT on you to say the right thing to make them feel good.

And you can also not be in your full true power repressing yourself.’

You’re doing yourself and the other good when you express your true self fully.

By doing so you create space for both of you to step into your own truth.

Create safety to be FULLY you and there will be no need to repress anymore.

Learn to master your emotions

In this powerful group program we will do just that. 

In this 3 week group program you will learn:

  • How to express your true emotions
  • How to feel safe in expressing your true emotions
  • How to be at peace with all the ‘negative’ scenarios that can happen when you express your true emotions.
  • How to release unconscious repressed emotions

The only emotions that you can heal are the ones that you let yourself feel and let yourself express.


The results this group program bring you are:

  • Being more your true self
  • Living more from your heart instead of your head
  • Feeling lighter and being a happier person because of releasing old ‘negative’ emotions from the body.
  • The energy flows again in your body as blockages are being released.
  • Tension and stress leaves the body which will have as a result a more relaxed and possibly even painfree body.
  • More in touch with your feelings and your body.
  • New people that align really well with who you are deeply in your heart may come into your life, because you are being more yourself now and so now they can actually see you!
  • You will understand yourself and your feelings better.
  • People will understand and know you better because now you actually express yourself.
  • Feeling more confident with expressing yourself fully
  • Feeling more inner peace and strength
  • Feeling independent and in your power
  • Relationships improve and become stronger

Express Yourself includes:

  • 6 live group trainings (2 each week)
  • private group to ask your questions during the entire 3 weeks of the program

Investment: 333 Euro