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Pain into Power Program Because you choose a limitless, energetic & inspiring life.

Pain into Power Program Because you choose a limitless, energetic & inspiring life.

Pain into Power Program Because you choose a limitless, energetic & inspiring life.

Based on the Triggerpoint Reset Method.
A unique new total-method in the Netherlands, developed by Tim van Orsouw, in which the connection between body & mind is central.




Getting to the root

We tackle the real cause of your pain, no more symptom relief!
As a result, you are no longer dependent on a practitioner, but you have control over your own body and life again.
Discover the connection between body & mind and learn where exactly your pain is coming from and what exactly you can do to live a limitless life.




Just being able to do everything, whenever you want, without having to think about it all the time.
New insights and tools that you learn help to calm the nervous system. We will also explore and expand your awareness on how you are limiting yourself and how you can let go of those limitations.



Reduce stress, ‘negative’ thoughts & emotions, limiting beliefs & blocking aspects in your life.
Welcome tranquility, lightness, openness, freedom and limitlessness.
You learn to live in a much more relaxed way thanks to the simple effective techniques that you are taught.
Nothing and nobody can cause you any stress anymore;)


Letting go…

… of who you not really are. In our society as we grew up we have created a personality that is focused on trying to fit in society, to be liked, to not show our true self when that is different from the norm, to not show our emotions, to people please, to control etc etc. It’s time to let that go.


your situation

your situation

You are an ambitious person.
You like to be active.
You like to be there for everyone.

You want to enjoy a free and happy life.
Being able to lead an active life and do what you want.

But now.

Now you have completely different things on your mind.
You see how other people lead a happy, healthy and active life.

You want the same, but you cannot do this because you are held back by chronic physical pain complaints.

You may recognize the following:

  • You are now (partially) unable to work, which makes you feel bored, sad, uninspired and despondent. You feel insecure about your future.
  • You often have pain and / or stiffness, which makes moving and sports quite a challenge.
  • You are being sent from pillar to post by practitioners and there is no real progress in your pain complaints with any treatment.
  • You believe that there must be a solution, that more must be possible, but you do not know how and where to look.
  • You feel despondent and tired of all the energy it takes to be in continuous pain, so you have little energy and your life almost comes to a standstill.
  • Because your work is (partially) stopped, your financial situation suffers, so that you cannot do the things in life that you would like to do.
  • Doing fun things with friends is difficult because you often experience too much pain.

In short: you are standing still, have a low quality of life and do not know how to proceed.

But somewhere you know that there is a solution for you so that you can fully enjoy life again…

So what are you gonna do?

Continue to await scientific studies the next 10, 20 or 30 years
for proof of a solution?
Or do you keep going from one practitioner to another for months
with 1 millimeter improvement every time?

Seeing your life ticking by and see your entire state of mind only deteriorate further?
And again a lot of time, money and energy wasted with little result?

Nope! That can be done differently! And I'm going to help you with that!

Nope! That can be done differently! And I’m going to help you with that!

How would you like it if I guided you step by step for 10 weeks in the experience of expansion from pain into power.
An inspiring life in which you live from your heart instead of head and where you live again instead of being lived!

Karlien behandelaar chronische pijn 500

After having had severe chronic pain myself for 3 years from which I healed myself (which the doctors said was not going to happen anymore), I retrained myself in 2013 as a chronic pain therapist. Since then I have been helping people with all kinds of different chronic pain complaints.

I am currently working with a completely new unique method that is not comparable to all regular treatment methods for chronic pain complaints. This treatment method, developed by Tim van Orsouw, contains many years of studies and various components have been combined to create one very powerful total approach. In addition, I have made this approach even more powerful by adding my own experience, knowledge and tools. I am very happy and grateful to be able to work with this special treatment method, because I see how people’s lives are transformed into a totally new positive life, which is not limited by chronic pain complaints.

And in my Pain into Power Program I also want to offer you this life-changing transformation opportunity!



During this inspiring program, which focuses on the MindBody connection in chronic pain, you will work 1-on-1 with me personally or in a group under the guidance of me personally.
The program lasts 10 weeks and is very personally tailored to what is needed for you to expand your awareness and allow new experiences into your life that are more aligned with the real you.

Behandelaar Karlien

  • You start off with a 60min Breakthrough Session. Here we will discuss your pain complaints in detail and together investigate what you need for a real breakthrough, I will tell you how I help my clients and what I can offer you. Then we will decide whether we want to go for it 100% together!
  • You will receive a book and workbook (both in English) by email which have already helped many people to eliminate chronic pain and which will therefore also form an important part during the coaching part of the process.
  • Via videocall we work together on the parts in your life that will help you to be more relaxed in life. Among other things, you are presented with a mirror, we look at what exactly are pain-complaint-supporting factors for you and we make it very simple for you to see how you can effectively let go of them.
  • You will work independently and committed with all the tools & knowledge that you will receive that are necessary for you to create a new experience.
  • 2.5 months of coaching by e-mail or in the group to help you exactly step by step.
  • You will work on yourself through inspiring assignments to expand your awareness in all areas of your life.

I only have 5 places per month for a personal 1-on-1 program,
so if you really want this, take immediate action so you don’t have to wait until there is a place!

get your life back

get your life back 

Please note, because this coaching program is NOT for everyone!

Can you recognize yourself in this:

  • you have pain complaints for more than 3 months such as back pain (including hernia), neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, fibromyalgia, RSI, osteoarthritis, tension headache, general pain and / or tension complaints.
  • (Pro)-Active
  • Open minded
  • Positive attitude
  • 100% committed
  • English speaking / understanding
  • you see your health as a top priority
  • you are coachable and ready to work on yourself
  • you are already consciously working on a healthy lifestyle
  • you try to avoid medication as much as possible
  • you are now screaming very loudly YES I WANT !!!!]

Yes is that you? What are you waiting for then?

people talk What my clients say:

people talk What my clients say:

people talk What my clients say:

people talk What my clients say:

Are you ready for it?

You get what you focus on so focus on what you want.

You get what you focus on so focus on what you want.